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Improve your mental and physical fitness with unique products of today

Everything about health and the improvement of human well-being is at the heart of MindTecStore. The goal of our shop is to offer people innovative products that help to develop a stronger awareness of your own mental health and the body. We are constantly on the lookout for new imaginative technologies that can make life easier or change positive. We are your professional partner for bio- and neurofeedback solutions and offers you cost-effective products with which you are targeted

  • Attention deficit
  • Concentration disturbances
  • Fatigue
  • A headache
  • Tensions
  • Stress

Treat or prevent. Through regular neurofeedback training, you can achieve initial successes after only a few training sessions and improve their concentration and relaxation capacity without great time.

For a long time, mindtecStore has expanded its product range and has also sold professional training devices, sportswear and wearables with integrated sensors. These sensors capture your athletic fitness and track muscles, the quality of your workouts, your heart rate, and your running performance. With the help of appropriate apps, your data is collected and evaluated. This gives you a clear overview of your training and your physical state, and can help you improve your training with faster and more effective your best form with innovative sports products. Just browse our shop and get an overview of our products.

The following product categories can be found in our shop:

  • Neurofeedback

    Neurofeedback is a technological aid, that allows almost everybody to specifically control his or her brain's activity. Decade-long intensive research and use, mainly in the US, has proven it's effectiveness. This has been confirmed by numerous studies by German Universities.

  • Biofeedback

    Through biofeedback, you can learn to achieve certain behaviors like physical relaxation, tension or relaxation of certain muscles, or even a reduction of negative stress controlled and at will.

  • Gadgets & Games

    Under the section Gadget und Games you will find products that help you to train and improve your focus and relaxation ability with fun. Our products are perfect for adults as well as for kids and based on the latest sensor technology existing on the market.

  • Sportswear & Wearables

    The mindtecStore has extend his product range and sells now training equipment, sportswear articles and wearables with integrated sensor technology. These sensors track your whole athletic fitness like for example your muscle activity, your intensity of your workouts and running performance.

  • Professional Sports & Rehab

    For a short time, mindtecStore has expanded its product range and has been selling sports garments and training equipment for the professional division. With the help of integrated sensors, for example, your running performance and all your vital functions can be recorded. These data are stored in real-time e.g. To your smartphone.

If you have any questions, please contact our mindtec customer service at any time + 49 6403 -60993-51.

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QardioArm Design Blood Pressure Monitor

QardioArm Design Blood Pressure Monitor

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SunFriend UVA+B SunFriend

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SHS iPhone 6/6S Case

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