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Wearable Technologies- Product of the Month 12/2023: Flow Neuroscience for the treatment of depression

Flow Neuroscience

And the winner is ....

Wearable Technologies is a leading platform for innovative technology. The Product of the Month Award highlights the groundbreaking work of Flow Neuroscience in providing innovative, safe and effective solutions for the treatment of depression.

But what exactly is Flow?

Flow is a neurostimulation headset that uses transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to treat depression. In a clinical trial, it was shown to be twice as effective as traditional antidepressants. This revolutionary device offers a safe and effective alternative to conventional treatments for depression. But what makes Flow different from the alternatives on the market?

The unique features of Flow

The main features and benefits of Flow are

  • No serious side effects:
    Unlike traditional antidepressants, Flow's non-invasive tDCS approach has no documented serious side effects. This is a significant difference from the 50% of patients taking antidepressants who report suicidality and the 60% who report at least ten negative side effects.
  • Fast results:
    Flow does not require appointments or waiting lists. Treatment can be started immediately and in the comfort of your own home. Within three weeks, an astonishing 88% of clients report observable changes.
  • Backed by science:
    Flow is based on sound science, backed by more than 30 clinical studies. This gives users the confidence that the method is based on proven effectiveness.

Read more about Flow here.

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