Panic attack help

The facts!!!

Every sixth German has to seek the help of a doctor at least once during his life because of a panic attack. But only a few people would like to speak openly about the problem. The topic is strongly shamed.
Are you affected too?

There is no need to be afraid of fear. Using neuro and biofeedback you can also defeat panic attacks and anxiety disorders.
Fear has many faces

There is the newly minted mother who can not sleep at night for fear of her baby and who hardly leaves the house for fear of the fear.

Fear isolated

There is the successful manager, who ends up in the emergency room because of heart problems and with shaking and sweating. After three hours, he is released with the note "Psychosomatic symptoms". He conceals the incident.

Fear awakens shame

But fear is actually something positive. A protective reaction of the body to protect us from danger. But when fear takes over and becomes a panic, we suffer from the loss of control. We sometimes feel strongly restricted in our everyday lives.

There are 10 million Germans who regularly suffer from panic attacks. Thus, anxiety and panic attacks have long become a common disease. Many doctors feel overloaded in the face of high demand. There are only a few specialists. Patients sometimes have to wait a long time for a suitable therapist.
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Fear has the property to reinforce itself over time

Very often, after a panic attack, an anxiety or panic disorder develops. Those affected fall into fear of the next attack and this fear of anxiety leads to an increased release of stress hormones.

The probability of another panic attack (even at night) is thus increased.

The fatal thing about this vicious circle is that, over time, the fear gets worse and the panic attacks become more intense.