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Analyzes website usage to deliver custom content. Performs analytics to optimize website functionality..

Analyzes website usage to deliver custom content. Performs analytics to optimize website functionality..

Analyzes website usage to deliver custom content. Performs analytics to optimize website functionality.

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As part of a groundbreaking experiment to measure vital parameters such as body temperature in real time, athletes took the electronic pill e-Celsius Performance from BodyCap during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


AliveCor KardiaMobile devices have been chosen as BILD test winner in the mobile ECG device comparison 2021!

The mobile ECG devices KardiaMobile and KardiaMobile 6L of the manufacturer AliveCor have been chosen as the BILD test winner 2021. The KardiaMobile 6L has been chosen as the comparison winner, while the KardiaMobile has been chosen as the price-performance winner!


The company RSP Inercial Performance from Spain, has been manufacturing professional and high-quality sports equipment with inertial technology for more than 10 years. The company's goal is to improve the performance of athletes and to provide coaches with the best tools. †

All products are continuously analysed and improved in order to always offer customers the best inertial equipment. The products are of course certified by T‹V Rheinland. †

07.10.2020 13:21

AliveCorís Kardia Mobile was presented in connection with various internal medicine topics at three different virtual conferences within the last couple of months. We are pleased to be able to present these lectures to you in cooperation with AliveCor:

11.08.2020 13:20
With great pleasure we inform you that a†D-Heart App update has been released.

In the present release we improved our App by:

- improving user experience and connectivity;
- integration of all iOs devices (iOS 13.5 or above) and many other Android devices;
- New integration possibilities;
- Telecardiology improvements;
- New languages implemented: Dutch, Romanian and Lithuanian. More

Excellent Brainís ADHD Neurofeedback platform German version has been launched and available at Mindtecstore (brand of TITAN Commerce Continental Services GmbH)

Excellent Brain, the Israeli Neurofeedback startup, specializes in the development of advanced brain training products utilizing Neurofeedback technology and Mindtecstore, a brand of TITAN Commerce, a veteran distributor of advanced EEG equipment and solutions have signed a partnership agreement to advance the Neurofeedback market in Europe and other designated countries.

25.05.2020 13:18

Homeschooling in the times of COVID19? Forbrain has you covered!

Limited Period Offer Ė only until June†15!


With classes and lessons shifting to video conferencing format, parents are finding it challenging to keep their kids motivated to work on their academics. The change to a remote learning format from a traditional classroom and learning center setting has caused disruptions in their rhythm as they are accustomed to learning in the company of their peers and teachers.


Biobeat - medical multi-sensor system for vital parameter measurement now available in Europe

Disruptive technology from Israel facilitates patient care for clinics and care

BioBeat offers two new types of systems, one for the acute measurement of vital parameters for hospitals and emergency rooms (BioBeat PatchSensor) and the other for long-term measurements of vital parameters (BioBeat clock) for nursing and clinics. The parameters recorded include blood pressure, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, heart rate variability, stroke volume, cardiac output, heart index, pulse pressure, systemic vascular resistance, ECG (a lead), mean arterial pressure, sweat level and skin temperature.

21.04.2020 12:30
In the last hours we have received communication from Apple that their new update, iOS version 13.4 could cause Bluetooth connection problems, as highlighted in many other products More

Qardio MD enables secure remote monitoring in COVID-19 patients with mild or no symptoms

Qardio has released a new remote monitoring solution to identify infections, including COVID-19. The solution is now available in the UK, EU and Canada. This AI-based solution records the vital signs reported by QardioCore, the outpatient ECG solution. In addition to the ECG, QardioCore continuously monitors breathing frequency and temperature. A composite assessment of changes in these key values ​​can be an early indicator of infection.