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Move Holograms with your Mind!

Take the chance and purchase the Force Trainer now for 49€ instead of 59€ while stocks last. Use the power of your mind to move holograms and perform amazing feats of Jedi strength from different Star Wars movies. Real brainwave sensors on the wireless headset detect the strength of your concentration from your brainwaves and trigger changes in the hologram. Re-enact famous Jedi challenges as you advance through 10 different levels of Force Training. Develop your powers of concentration and see if you can reach the rank of Jedi Master.


Falls Prevention, Gait and Mobility assessment Proven technology - Improving quality of care for older adults

Kinesis QTUGTM is an objective tool for identifying older adults at risk of falling. QTUGTM (Quantitative Timed Up and Go) is based on the Timed Up and Go test and is instrumented with wireless sensors placed on each leg. This technology provides a method for objective assessment of mobility, frailty and falls risk. It provides automatic analysis of patient data against average values for patients' age and gender with colour coding to indicate deviations from normality. QTUGTM is intended to assist those assessing falls risk, by providing a falls risk score (known as the Falls Risk Estimate (FRE)) and a frailty score (known as the Frailty Estimate) along with fast, accurate and objective data. QTUGTM also incorporates a questionnaire based on the American Geriatric Society (AGS) and British Geriatric Society (BGS) guidelines recording standard falls risk-factors.


Optimize your body rhythm and create new energy with only 20 min per day

The AYO is a light, beautifully designed wearable that is fully controlled and operated with the AYO app. AYO delivers gentle blue light to the user's eyes at the best time of the day, according to the user's personal preferences and lifestyle. Using our innovative technology for only 20 minutes a day, AYO can help you improve your biological rhythm. The AYO learns and adapts to your preferences. Our intelligent technology improves to meet your needs better. Imagine having your own sunshine always there to help you sleep better, feel better and be better!


The right form of stimulation can enhance a child’s cognitive development.

SenzeBand is the best personal brain-sensing wearable that accurately detects your brain signals when worn. This is the first brain training solution that really tells you whether the brain is being properly exercised, using analytics and progress reports based on a person’s brain readings and game scores. Used with Neeuro’s brain training apps, SenzeBand lets you understand you and your child’s mental states as you see how the brain reacts to dierent situations. Enhance your child’s learning environment through games that keep them mentally and socially active. It has been shown that brain training programmes can improve a child’s academic performance and home behaviour.

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Chest strap was yesterday, the °One is tomorrow

The cosinuss° One is an In-Ear Wearable that monitors your heart rate precisely. Additionally it measures your heart rate variability and your body temperature. Blood Oxygen level will be coming soon. The °On is the smallest and lightest heart rate monitor worldwide. It weighs only 6 gramms and has an overall size of about 4 x 4 centimeter. For the first time the optical heart rate measurement has become as precise as the electrical one. All devices that feature either Bluetooth or ANT+ are able to connect to the °One.


Dear Affiliate Partners,

as you have probably already noticed, we have launched a completely new webshop for We hope that this new  and improved webshop design will improve the customer experience significantly. This new webshops also leads to some changes for our affiliate programm:


From now on, PIP's Stress Tracker and the Pip Loom App are available in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store in GERMAN.

The stress tracker is your personal stress management tracker. Set the session timer and watch - in real-time - how your stress level changes continuously. Detailed session results allow you to analyze and improve your stress relief abilities.

With LOOM, you can use your powers of relaxation to transform landscapes. Soothing pictures and relaxing music are combined in such a way that tension is solved and stress is relieved. As you relax, the landscape reacts to your inner peace - a cold, snowy winter becomes a bright, sunny summer; a star-filled afterthought is transformed into a dawning dawn.

Both apps you use with the PIP - a device that helps you deal with stress better. The Pip allows you to visualize your stress level and show you how you can recognize stress and control your response to it.


AliveCor, Mayo Clinic developing AI screening test for heart condition that causes sudden death

Smartphone-connected ECG maker AliveCor is teaming up with the Mayo Clinic once again, this time to develop algorithms to screen for Long QT syndrome, a heart condition that can often cause sudden death, especially in children. The partnership also includes an additional, undisclosed investment in AliveCor from Mayo Clinic.
Long QT syndrome is named for the interval between the Q Wave and the T Wave on an ECG.
“For a number of people, they have a genetic mutation that causes the extension of the QT interval and they die,” AliveCor CEO Vic Gundotra told MobiHealthNews. “It’s particularly tragic when this happens to children. You have no warning. What you find out is that their kid suffered from genetic Long QT and it was never caught. Parents spend much of their efforts afterward trying to educate other parents and to put into place screening programs to catch these things. Because if you know you have genetic Long QT, there’s lots of ways to treat it and it’s very very treatable.”

New Version of MUSE
27.06.2017 11:02

What's New in Version 11.

Longer Sessions
We have been humbled and pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm for doing long sessions. We have changed the maximum meditation session length from one hour to three hours. While we were at it we made an easier, quicker way to choose your session length.

Easy ways to share
Now you can share your results with any app that supports sharing on the iPhone, not just Facebook and Twitter. You can also go into your session list and share previous results at any time. Sharing your results can inspire others to start or continue their own practice.

We added notifications to inspire and help you to keep the meditation habit. To activate notifications, you may be asked to give permission. Simply click ‘Allow’ and you’re all set.