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Heart health at your fingertips: Always one step ahead of heart problems!

The groundbreaking new Kardia Mobile 6L is now available at the Mindtecstore. The revolutionary Kardia Mobile 6L lets you know at any time whether there is atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, tachycardia or a normal heart rhythm. Simply and quickly - without using annoying wire electrodes - you can record a 6-lead ECG in just 30 seconds and share it with your physician. Your doctor will receive very detailed information and be able to read early indications for treatment and appropriate countermeasures. Therefore, it will be easier to prevent serious heart problems. Your measured ECGs are stored in the app’s history and can be viewed at any time free of monthly charges.

With the Oculus Go and the Myndplay Myndband your movements are transferred to the VR. The Myndplay Myndband EEG Headset monitors your brainwaves and measures your attention and relaxation. Together they make the perfect duo to make your Virtual Reality experience unforgettable. Meet in your VR with friends or your family from all over the world and watch live sports events or concerts. The crystal clear optics and 3D graphics will make your VR world a breathtaking experience. The Oculus Go has a spatial audio driver installed. Without headphones, you get a cinema-quality sound experience. More
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The eSense Pulse from the company Mindfield can now be ordered from us in the shop. With the eSense Pulse, you can measure your heart rate and breathing rhythm as well as your stress level at any time and effectively counteract it with the help of biofeedback training. The eSense Pulse is a small, compact sensor that transmits the measured data via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet. More
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Take a 6-lead ECG outside the doctor's office - anytime, anywhere! This is now possible with the new Kardia Mobile 6L from the manufacturer AliveCor. The Kardia Mobile 6L is now available for pre-order in our shop. Delivery will take place in August 2019.

What does the new Kardia Mobile have in store for you? Never before has more heart health information been so readily available. Easily share detailed 6-lead ECGs with your doctor to better assess your heart's health. Your ECG history is automatically stored on your phone and is available for easy access at no additional cost.


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The new Halo Sport 2 with new and improved features is now available in Germany. Unlike the Halo Sport 1, the Halo Sport 2 already comes with a built-in Bluetooth adapter, providing a completely wireless audio experience with enhanced sound quality and high-end headphones. These new features allow you to listen to music during your workouts and make phone calls easily. The Halo Sport 2 is a neurostimulation device that was developed to learn and implement motion sequences faster. The Halo Sport 2 is all about timing. A training session with Halo Sport 2 consists of 20 minutes of neuropriming, followed by about 60 minutes of hyperplasticity or "hyperlearning": The benefits of Halo Sport 2 are greatest right after the 20 minute priming time, as the brain performs best during this hyperplasticity phase responded to the subsequent training. More
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Since the manufacturer AliveCor has discontinued the production of the Kardia band until further notice, we will no longer lead the Kardia band in our shop from now on. Alternatively, we offer the Kardia Mobile from Alivecor, which has the same features as the Kardia Band. With the help of a mounting plate, you can mount the Kardia Band directly to your mobile phone and measure your ECG anytime and anywhere, if it is necessary for you.

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TouchPoints are non-invasive neuroscientific wearable devices that use patent pending BLAST technology to relieve stress in as few as 30 seconds. When you`re stressed, the "fight or flight" part of your brain engages. TouchPoints shift you into the logical, rational part of your brain and allow you to think clearly and experience calm all within seconds. Having the ability to think rationally without an associated body sensation helps the brain create new neural pathways that are net positive, and this has a lasting effect on your brain. The Touchpoints also helps relieving your children of learning stress or sleep problems by using gentle, alternating micro-vibrations. Place the TouchPoints on the wrist of your kid, in pockets, socks, or tank top straps when youf kid feel anxious or overwhelmed and move the brain of your child into a state of calm at the push of a button.

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From now on you can purchase all Emotiv products in our shop. Emotiv offers 5-32 channel EEG headsets that help you get to know your brain better and improve your cognitive abilities. Increase your well-being by incorporating daily workouts with the Emotiv EEG headsets into your daily routine. The Emotiv Headsets measure and evaluate your brain activity. In combination with Emotiv's numerous software systems, you will learn to control your emotions and control your cognitive abilities. They learn how to get their emotions under control, to relax faster and to concentrate on something whenever you want it. With the Emotiv EEG headsets you are master of your emotions and thoughts and increase your quality of life.

With the KardiaBand, you can meassure your ECG anytime, anywhere you want. In order to use all the functions of the KardiaBand, a premium membership of 99,-€ per year was required in the past. With the new App Update 5.6.1, the KardiaBand no longer requires a premium membership. This means now you can use all new basic functions free of charge with the KardiaBand. You will now receive advanced diagnostic functions that allow you to detect atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, tachycardia and normal sinus rhythm. In addition, you can now store your ECGs on your phone or send them to your doctor at the touch of a button. More
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Prnewswire is writing a great story about the new Kardia Mobile 6L, which will be available in the summer. Kardia Mobile has already received the third FDA approval within three months. The new Kardia Mobile will be the world's first six-cable ECG device. It provides patients and physicians with even greater insight into patients' hearts, including the visibility of certain arrhythmias, which are cardiovascular disease indicators. More