Tired-eyes and-what-you-about-us-tell

This look is treacherous

Even if you do not notice it yourself, tired eyes tell a lot about your condition. There are many reasons for tired eye symptoms. Often it is the office air and the constant view of the computer.

Working on the PC throughout the day, as well as dry air cause symptoms and stress, which can often be prevented with a remedy for tired eyes. Change the problem of your tired eyes before it gets worse - the very best tips against tired eyes.

Tired and swollen eyes are not uncommon in the office during the day. With the right tricks, this condition is relatively easy to prevent.

The air and light conditions are quite simple, which can be easily changed and thus relieve your eyes significantly.

Act now if you, if you want to get rid of your tired eyes. Here are some clues for better viewing conditions.

Lighting conditions

Catch the daylight with your eyes as best you can. Even on the computer, good light conditions are very important for tired eyes. Helpful in limited light conditions z. In autumn and winter, is daylight white LED light, because it resembles the natural light the most.

Addendum: There have been more and more criticisms of LED light in recent times. We recommend that you inform yourself separately on this topic.

Not only the lungs call for fresh air

Whether office or living room, a sufficient humidity of 40 to 60% is very important, so that the eyes do not dry out and remain permanently moist. Mainly in winter, the tired eyes cause the heating air.

The remedy here is a regular air venting, to compensate for the dry heating air. On the screen, your eyes are forming into eye slits? No wonder, if the focus is not set optimally or the laptop and TV is too old.

Over the years, the fine tuning leaves clear traces. Now is the time for new equipment. If your computer is not that old, adjust the settings of your screen to be eye-friendly. In the implementation it means:

  • sharp contrasts and
  • a very readable font, such. Eg "Arial".
  • Also change the font size if it does not please your eyes.

Very pleasant for the eyes is the font size 14 pt. Should this be too small, it is certainly not the tired eyes, but more of a visual impairment. In contrast, a regular eye test and the use of a visual aid helps.