Peak Performance

Peak Performance Training Information

Peak Performance is the ability to perform at the highest physical and mental levels. Ideally this performance is available immediately when required in a stressful situation.

Peak Performance training helps you to consciously generate the basis for your best mental performance. You will be able to use your potential on demand, can be focused and attentive – your sense are completely focused on your current task; at the same time you stay relaxed and calm inside.

Contrary to other mental techniques (brain jogging, mind training etc.) that aim to achieve an increase of mental performance through repetitive solving of „difficult tasks“, biofeedback and neurofeedback are used to consciously influence and change the physiological patterns of one’s brain activity.

By using neurofeedback you will to influence your brain’s visible activity and change it for better performances.

  • Learn how to relax anytime, even in demanding times of your professional or private life.
  • Be able to actively generate a state of relaxation or to perform optimally – even after hard day of work or training.
  • Learn to use your concentration to achieve desired performances on demand.
  • Change and influence your work-life-balance positively.
  • Learn to avoid burnout.