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Memory games - what is useful?

7 Types of Memory Games - What You Should Know

Theme Memory Games: This article promises memory. Especially after. Puzzle, click, react - all these are points that can train the memory and yet provide relaxation in the game.

→ Memory games provide brain power training. They can, however, be quite different. In this section we would like to take a closer look at the possibilities and introduce 7 special variants.

What are memory games and what for?

Memory games are brain power training for all ages. Accordingly, one should be careful when selecting the games to filter according to the target group.

As far as you browse online shops on the Internet, you have the opportunity to choose the right game directly. In addition to customer reviews, you can decide so widely.

Playing for the brain power is distraction from everyday life and brain training, that's clear so far. But if you question the "what for" in more detail, you will find interesting facts that probably interest you as well.

→ The right application of memory games brings together and improves social, mental and physical abilities.

What happens in our brain

Humans process up to 20 million environmental stimuli in one second. He records hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions and over four hundred billion pieces of information from the fast-paced world. We can be happy that not everything gets stuck.

The brain quickly sets itself on benefits, changes must first accept. Therefore, this is also the classification of levels in memory games.

As you become better at it, you understand the game and at the same time you get faster. The result is that you can and may enter higher spheres. However, changes are needed to keep you from getting tired and reducing memory, which can lead to premature dementia.

US psychologists at Harvard University in Cambridge have confirmed that you should always mentally increase the performance and that goes well with the use of memory games.

The games for memory activity can be easily used by associating words and using them like a memory. For sufferers of dyslexia a good way to playfully work on the weakness.

Regular use

If you want to train good brain performance, then it is necessary to change the habits. At the same time, it is possible to re-exert the brain's activities, so that our performance does not rust.

You do not have to work off bad habits, but simply stabilize the positive ordinary rituals. For example, the way to work or the breakfast sandwich. This can be painted with another spread.

You may already realize that this alone can not be enough to keep your brain fit. You're right! Exercises that are well suited for memory training would be the sudoku puzzle or the ability to sum up and remember the goods when shopping.

Even if a diagnosed dyscalculia needs therapy, the affected person can build a positive relationship with numbers.