💡That's why you should read this first aid article

With these tips, you get a panic attack relief! An anxiety reaction can sometimes turn into an attack and with great intensity. With these aids you can fight a panic attack.

The victims are experiencing a panic attack. In a panic attack, emergency relief that brings relief quickly is a blessing. The otherwise so frightening state of emergency can be quickly controlled with targeted countermeasures.

The most important first aid measures and most effective treatment methods - such as biofeedback - here.

🤔 What happens to the person concerned

The affected person feels that they are losing control of their behavior. She no longer knows what she is doing and feels threatened with destruction or fear of going crazy.

The tightness in the chest takes your breath away and the person panics. With a panic everyone can react depending on the situation and real threat.

However, some people experience panic attacks, which do not bring any rational justifications. Outsiders assume at first that the patient has a heart attack or is suffering from another serious physical illness.

To effectively counteract a panic attack, proper action and understanding of the disorder are essential.

If you want to effectively take panic attack relief measures, it is important to understand what this frightening condition is and what symptoms it may have. This will be discussed below.

☔ Why does a panic attack need immediate help?

The panic attack is a recurring serious anxiety attack. The anxiety attacks are repeated isolated seizures of panic that occur suddenly and reach their peak within ten minutes.

In one year, about 2.5% of the population suffer from a panic attack. Women are more likely to be affected by the disorder than men.

The episodes of anxiety do not relate to a specific anxiety-triggering situation or circumstance. According to the classification of the ICD-10 standard, the panic disorder (F41.0) is accompanied by the leading symptoms of panic attack, avoidance behavior and a real fear of anxiety.