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Brain performance training

The right brain training is brain power training

Brain Training strengthens your cognitive abilities and helps you focus and remember things better.

Brain performance training is used in occupational therapy in patients with neuropsychological diseases. Or after medical therapies that limit the concentration and memory ability.

The success is based on the brain training methods properly selected in the individual case.

What is Brain Performance Training?

When talking about brain power training exercises, the definition is about action. Measures that enhance your learning and memory, attention and cognitive skills.

Everybody unconsciously trains his brain several times a day, for example, by memorizing or copying things. Brain performance training positively influences long-term memory, increases perception and orientation.

In creative professions, the daily work is accompanied by training sessions for the brain. At school or during study, the brain is also trained for more performance.

This concerns both the strategic and logical conception as well as the processing of the learning content. Brain performance training refers to all exercises and measures that train the interplay of cognitive and intelligent abilities as well as memory.

➔ The goal of brain performance training can be to restore brain function after illness. It can also focus on preserving and optimizing brain functions. While exercise is a workout for your physique, brain training is fitness for your psyche.

How does brain power training help?

Why Brain Performance Training? You know the saying: whoever rested, rusts. This metaphor is not just for physical, but much more for mental activity. Brain performance training helps you focus better, listen more attentively, and better understand important information.

For example, brain jogging offers you countless opportunities to train your brain's performance in everyday life and keep fit with pleasure.
It has been proven to help healthy and sick people

In healthy people, brain performance training helps maintain existing skills. It trains their memory in the long and short term.

In cognitively impaired people, their memory function is improved after a serious illness. Here, the brain is trained, for example, after chemotherapy for cancer treatment or after a stroke.

It is a special brain performance training (occupational therapy) made and serves the restoration of everyday life skills through exercises. The goal is to create new interconnections in the brain and to compensate for defective areas.

Why both halves of the brain are in demand

Brain performance training, which involves both halves of the brain, is the best solution. They do not just focus on logical thinking, creativity or memory. This is how the brain can reconnect.

Brain performance training is the best way to help them focus on the areas that cause problems in their everyday lives.

For example, if you have difficulties in solving problems and conflict, you can develop new strategies and solutions through more attention and improved perceptions.