General Information

Dr. Kowalski explains...


„Bios“ means „life” in ancient Greek.
Therefore, biofeedback is a method to monitor changes of biological processes in the body and to make them visible. Biofeedback training is meant to improve the ability to focus or relax, among other things.


In neurofeedback the electrical activity of the brain is measured and transferred for analysis to a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet via an electronic interface. This analysis makes it possible to know if you’re awake, tired, or stressed for example. This data can be used to improve your ability to concentrate, focus or relax.


Medical neurofeedback is used to treat ADHD, tinnitus, pain, addiction and age-related symptoms. Neurofeedback/biofeedback also provides support for neurological rehabilitation measures.

Peak Performance

Peak Performance is the ability to actively achieve physical and/or mental high performance. Ideally, this peak performance can be achieved at will under any circumstances.

Stress management

Stress Management training aims at providing you with all the tools and techniques to master your everyday life more relaxed and to reduce or completely avoid extreme stress.