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Athletes took BodyCap's electronic pill e-Celsius performance during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

As part of a groundbreaking experiment to measure vital parameters such as body temperature in real time, athletes took the electronic pill e-Celsius Performance from BodyCap during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The BodyCap e-Celcius Performance core temperature pill is a miniaturized, ingestible electronic pill that wirelessly monitors an accurate and reliable measurement of gastrointestinal temperature. The data is displayed and saved on a monitor called e-Viewer Performance. If measurements are outside the desired range, warnings are automatically displayed.

Athletes used this BodyCap pill during the Olympic Games to keep an eye on their personal body temperature. 41.2 ° C is the temperature measured by a professional triathlete during an international competition. External influences such as humidity and high temperatures are an explosive cocktail and sometimes bring top athletes into critical extreme physical situations.

BodyCap helps athletes to have their body better under control and gives timely warning messages.

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