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Successful learning for the Abitur

The Abitur exams are just around the corner and you have to internalize a lot of learning material within a short time? Innovative technologies can help you learn faster and more efficiently.

For example, neurofeedback headsets train your cognitive abilities: concentration, networked thinking, decision-making and solution-finding.

Alternatively, you can use audio feedback headsets to accelerate the absorption of learning material. They are a kind of learning booster. By wearing the headset and speaking your learning material out loud, the learning information is sent to your brain in two ways:

On the one hand by speaking out loud and on the other hand by emitted sound waves (caused by your voice) which are transmitted to your skull bones via a headset. Since repetition is a key factor in memorizing subject matter, it allows you to learn faster in less time.

Audifeedback headsets have been a proven tool in learning therapy for many years and are also very suitable for private use at home. If you would like to learn about this and other learning technologies and techniques, read here...

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2023-03-29 09:15:00