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BrightSign introduces groundbreaking updates to its sign language translator glove

BrightSign, the innovative provider of sign language translation technology, has introduced new features for its sign language translation glove.

BrightSign, a pioneer in sign language translation technology, has introduced a number of new features for its sign language translation glove. These groundbreaking updates aim to optimize the user experience for deaf and speech-impaired individuals.

Full localization of the translator glove

One important update is the full localization of the translator glove. Now BrightSign is fully localized in French, German and Armenian, which means that all instructions, settings and additional information are displayed in the language set by the user. This was achieved in collaboration with the Disability Rights Agenda (DRA) in Armenia, an organization that advocates for the rights of people with disabilities.

Easy calibration

Another significant advance is the revision of the calibration process. In the past, users had to move their arms and wrists to calibrate the device. Now, users only need to spread and stretch their fingers, and BrightSign adjusts to their mobility. This improvement will especially benefit users who have limited wrist or arm mobility.

Always up to date via app

BrightSign has also introduced update notifications. Users now receive notifications directly in the app when a new update is available. This keeps them up to date on new and improved features.

Other small improvements

BrightSign has also fixed some bugs and made minor improvements. With this update, users can clear their data by logging out of the app directly. This eliminates the need to manually uninstall or delete the app. Another advancement is the improvement of on-screen calibration instructions and the update of the localization file to provide clearer contexts for translators.

BrightSign promises continued improvements and updates to constantly optimize the user experience. These new features will make communication easier and more accessible for the deaf and speech-impaired.

BrightSign available at MindTecStore

The BrightSign sign language translator glove is available in the MindTecStore.

You can find the direct link to it here.

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