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German app of Sleep Shepherd is now available 15.02.2017 14:53

How it improves your sleep

The Sleep Shepherd Blue is a complete sleep enhancing system that uses scientifically proven technology to actively improve your sleep quality.  The Sleep Shepherd Blue is unique in that it works with your brain’s natural structure to slow your brainwaves down and guide you to better sleep without altering brain chemistry in any way. This technology incorporates a biofeedback system that utilizes specialized tones to help entrain your brainwaves to a slower frequency in preparation for sleep. While wearing the Sleep Shepherd Blue, you will begin to perceive a rhythmic pulse over a constant carrier tone. This phenomenon is created by your brain deciphering the difference in frequency between the two tones that are played into either ear.

The forehead and ear sensors contained within the Sleep Shepherd Blue closely monitor your brainwaves. The data is used in real time to adjust the tones delivered to each ear such that the resultant frequency of the tones is always slightly slower than your current brainwave frequency. The App is now available in german.

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