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NOW AVAILABLE IN GERMAN: PIP Stress Tracker and Loom 12.09.2017 12:09

From now on, PIP's Stress Tracker and the Pip Loom App are available in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store in GERMAN.

The stress tracker is your personal stress management tracker. Set the session timer and watch - in real-time - how your stress level changes continuously. Detailed session results allow you to analyze and improve your stress relief abilities.

With LOOM, you can use your powers of relaxation to transform landscapes. Soothing pictures and relaxing music are combined in such a way that tension is solved and stress is relieved. As you relax, the landscape reacts to your inner peace - a cold, snowy winter becomes a bright, sunny summer; a star-filled afterthought is transformed into a dawning dawn.

Both apps you use with the PIP - a device that helps you deal with stress better. The Pip allows you to visualize your stress level and show you how you can recognize stress and control your response to it.

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