NEW: DHeart - Check your heart health everywhere and anytime you want.

15.01.2019 10:14

Have you ever had an episode of tachycardia or arrhythmia? Do you want to monitor your heart health reliably? D-Heart is the first smartphone-based electrocardiograph to be easy to use and as reliable as one in the hospital. Run a perfect D-Heart ECG on your smartphone and report it to your cardiologist or telecardiology service for a report.

D-Heart Features:

  • Portable
  • Designed for all users, no medical background needed
  • As clinically reliable as a hospital electrocardiograph
  • Certified System for a Perfect ECG

Why should I have a D-Heart with me?


Heart problems are best avoided by regularly examining your heart for reliable exams. Get the assurance that your heart is okay.


Do you have intermittent or regular chest pains or heart discomfort that makes a heart racing? Take D-Heart with you everywhere to take a professional ECG if your symptoms are there!


If you have already received treatment for your heart problem and want to monitor your condition, D-Heart is the best solution for you. Your cardiologist would always be a click away!

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