Goals and Vision

MindTecStore Europe

MindTecStore was founded in 2012 in Gießen (Germany) and is a sales channel of TITAN Commerce Continental Services GmbH. Over time, MindTecStore has grown to become one of the leading retailers for brain-computer-interface (BCI), biofeedback and wearables technology in Europe and offers a wide variety of bio- and neurofeedback products for the consumer market.

Brain-computer-interfaces are a special type of man-machine-interface that allow for a connection between the brain and a computer without activating the peripheral nerve system (e.g. when using limbs). This is achieved by recording electrical activity (non-invasive by use of EEG or invasive by use of implanted electrodes) or by measuring the hemodynamic activity of the brain and analyzing (pattern recognition) and transferring it to device commands. The BCI is a use of neuro technics.

MindTecStore is your professional partner for bio- and neurofeedback solutions. We offer cost efficient EEG products that help to improve your mental abilities and prevent or treat

  • attention deficits
  • concentration disorders
  • head ache
  • hardening
  • tiredness
  • stress

After only a few training sessions, it is possible to achieve first successes and your concentration and relaxing skills will improve significantly.

All orders are shipped swiftly from our own warehouse near Frankfurt in Germany.