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Here you will find a selection of high-quality clinical thermometers for seamless fever monitoring. More Info

Clinical Thermometer

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Clinical Thermometer

Buy Fever Thermometer at MindTecStore.com

For fever & infections: Keep an eye on the temperature by taking a temperature with a clinical thermometer

If the forehead is hot; and the eyes shines, so these are clear signs of fever. The body reacts with an increased body temperature as soon as it has to fight with pathogens. It is a kind of defense mechanism of the body. Elevated temperature or slight fever therefore serve the self-healing process. However, if the temperature rises to a high fever, this can sometimes become dangerous.

A clinical thermometer makes it possible to measure and monitor the body temperature, so that the fever can always be kept in view.

Here you will find an ¨overview of the types of clinical thermometers, the latest developments and which for you the appropriate product can be.

Buy the latest fever technologies at MindTecStore – the health online store: Latest technologies for physical & mental health.

Why should I use a clinical thermometer?

A quick overview of the benefits of using a clinical thermometer:

  • Determination of body temperature
  • Quick and uncomplicated result display
  • Timely detection of fever
  • Timely detection of low temperature
  • Avoidance of too early administration of antipyretic medication
  • And vice versa: timely administration of necessary antipyretic drugs

What fever thermometers are available and how do they work?

A clinical thermometer is a medical device. It is used to measure the core temperature of the body. 

Classical clinical thermometers are offered as:

  • Classical clinical thermometer with tip (measurement by tongue, armpit or buttocks)
  • Ear thermometer (measurement on the ear using infrared technology)
  • Frontal thermometer (measurement on the forehead by infrared technology)

The latest technologies enable more consistent and easier ¨monitoring of body temperature and ensure timely detection of high fever.

  1. Pyretic thermometers with data recording & connectivity to other devices:
    These clinical thermometers are a further development of the classic clinical thermometers. The classic measurement has proven to be very proven. The new devices, however, have been expanded to include the functionality that the measurement results are recorded and over an app are viewable. This makes it easier to monitor the course of the disease. Furthermore, this app can be used to record further measurement results from other measuring devices of the same brand (e.g. a blood pressure monitor) and to link them together. In this way, several vital signs of several patients are easily and clearly documented and allow timely detection of abnormalities. One such device is the A&D Medical integrated digital thermometer.

  2. Pyretic Thermometer – Patch: 
    Permanent, gapless temperature monitoring with automated warning system

    These clinical thermometers are attached to the body as a patch and allow for consistent temperature monitoring. The results can also be viewed via an app. Critical temperatures are reported immediately via the app. This allows safe temperature monitoring, especially for small children, people in need of care or ward patients, without having to lie awake all night. The advantages of a clinical thermometer patch:
    • You can sleep peacefully without the fear of not noticing critical temperatures of your child or the person you are supervising
    • The person being supervised, their child, can keep their healing sleep undisturbed without uncomfortable temperature taking breaks
    • Recording temperature over time via app
    • Temperature peaks (fever spikes) are still detectable afterwards and provide information about the course of the disease
    • Very high wearing comfort – The plasters are sensitive and as good as not noticable
    • Very high measurement accuracy

One such device is the Tucky 24h.

Which clinical thermometer do I need?

Buy a clinical thermometer for monitoring the temperature of babies or children

If you want to monitor the temperature of occasional infections in children and the course of the disease has been rather smooth in the past, it is advisable to choose one of the 3 classic clinical thermometers (with tip, ear or forehead).

Here it should be noted that the measurement by ear and forehead is very gentle, but should definitely be repeated several times to avoid possible measurement errors.

The measurement with a tip, on the other hand, is very reliable and accurate, but not entirely uncomplicated to perform.

If the child, however, rather infection subsceptible or were the disease progressions in the past associated with high fever, a fever thermometer – plaster is recommended. This guarantees an exact, gentle and at the same time gapless measurement. Thus one has even more relaxed, because all fever jags are always recognized in time and automatically reported. 
One such patch is the Tucky 24h.

Buy a clinical thermometer for temperature monitoring of patients or caregivers

Monitoring the temperature at a person in need of care or inpatients is recommended over a clinical thermometer with recording function. This makes it possible to monitor over time in order to be able to recognize possible critical changes in good time. In the case of chronic pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, a combination device is recommended, which not only records the temperature, but also other vital data at the same time. One such device is the A&D Medical integrated digital thermometer.

If measurements by a clinical thermometer with a tip are rather difficult in a patient or if 24/7 temperature monitoring is recommended, a clinical thermometer patch is useful. For example, with the Tucky 24h.


Monitor fever reliably using the latest clinical thermometer technologies. Buy clinically proven clinical thermometers reliably at MindTecStore, the health online store – technologies for better physical and mental health. 

  • A clinical thermometer helps with fever and infections
  • Classic clinical thermometers help with occasional, simple infections
  • New fever thermometers help with regular infections or critical relapses
  • The application is easy
  • MindTecStore offers selected modern clinical thermometers that are clinically tested and designed to meet the different needs of the user:
    • Accurate, convenient 24/7 temperature monitoring with warning function - for safe fever monitoring with a clinical thermometer patch
    • Pyretic thermometer with app for progress monitoring and connectedness to other measurement results (eg blood pressure)
  • The clinical thermometers are particularly for babies and children as well as for care-requiring persons and stationary patients suitable.