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RSP ISQUIO for specific work of isquiotibial musculature
The RSP ISQUIO is designed to prevent hamstring muscle injuries by replicating the same range of stress that athletes generate when running at high speed. By training with the RSP ISQUIO, athletes can avoid common injuries during sports.

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How is the RSP ISQUIO used?

With this machine you will be able to perform all the movements related to to the flexo-extension of the knee and hip, being able to establish progressions both in the complexity of the application of force, as in the need to stabilize ourselves to apply that force. We can workout both ways by standing or lying down, and we can incorporate supports to increase our balance with a balance hurdle or a pica.
The most important thing to carry out this exercise well is to adjust the length of the rope in relation to our position , in this case given the increasing load as the leg extends and therefor complicates the position to the apply the force, we recommend making the change of direction of the leg before feeling the limit of the rope to avoid this sudden impact to destabilize us.
We must look for the right angle and hip position on the ground to reproduce the gesture simulating the sprint position of the athlete, in this way we will achieve the greatest protective and performance effect.

{tab Function}

Standard Equipment

  • Chassis RSP Isquio
  • 120 cm wall rail for height adjustment of the output pulley
  • 4 aluminium masses
  • 40 mm Ø Harken Carbo pulley
  • 40 mm Ø T2 Loop Harken Carbo pulley
  • 4 meters of high performance rope with length adapter
  • Ankle string
  • Assembly manual

{tab Features}

Moments of inertia

  • Without masses: 589,84 kg / cm²
  • 2 masses: 704,99 kg / cm²
  • 4 masses: 820,13 kg / cm²


  • RSP Encoder
  • Stainless steel masses
  • High load pulleys (high performance with high working densities)
  • Harken Fly pulleys
  • Adaptor for Chronojump encoder
  • Portability kit (to fix the machine to a solid structure such as goal, trellis, column..)


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