biosignalsplux Explorer Kit with 4 Sensors
Fast execution of studies (EMG, EKG, EDA, Strength etc.). Wireless systems, that uses miniaturized body sensors (up to 20), to visualize and process data
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Sensor 1

Please select included sensors!

  • High performance bipolar sensor with low noise characteristics for seamless muscle data acquisition.
Sensor 2
  • High resolution medical-grade sensor, especially designed for body temperature monitoring
Sensor 3
  • High performance bipolar sensor with low noise characteristics for seamless muscle data acquisition.
Sensor 4
  • High performance bipolar sensor with low noise characteristics for seamless muscle data acquisition.
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{tab Product description}

When ordering, please state which 4 sensors you want to have delivered. You can choose from:

  • Article number: 1661 - Electromyography (EMG)
  • Article number: 1664 - Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Article number: 1662 - Electrodermal Activity (EDA)
  • Article number: 1665 - Accelerometer (ACC)
  • Article number: 1668 - Respiration (PZT)
  • Article number: 1669 - Force (FSR)
  • Article number: 1667 - Temperature (TMP)
  • Article number: 1670 - Light (LUX)
  • Article number: 1663 - Electrocardiogram (ECG)

{tab Features}

Hub specifications:

  • Analog Ports: 4 generic inputs
  • Auxiliary Ports: 1 ground
  • Resolution: up to 16-bit (per channel)
  • Sampling Rate: up to 3000 Hz (per channel)
  • Communication: Bluetooth Class II
  • Range: up to ~10 m (extendable)
  • Internal Memory: (16 GB as optional extra available)
  • Battery Life: ~10 h streaming
  • Size: 85x54x10 mm
  • {tab Applications}


    Brain activity involves transfer of information among neurons in the form of electric potentials. Real-time and localized measurements of the electrical activity at the scalp surface can be very useful in several applications, such as epilepsy, detection and classification of human sleep stages, brain computer interfaces, absence seizures, among others.


    This sensor enables precise temperature measurements in the skin surface. It can be used for applications involving continuous or intermittent temperature readings in patients. The repeatability and fast response is essential not only to intermittent temperature measurements associated with oral and rectal fever, but also with continuous monitoring which is often necessary during induced hypothermia, general anesthesia, or while employed in the care of newborn and premature babies.


    Some of the applications of this sensor include thoracic cavity displacement measurement and respiratory cycle's observation. Diagnosing sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, characterized by pauses in breathing or abnormally low breathing during sleep, is also an application. Also use the respiratory monitoring in athletes to determineventilation levels and study the relation with their performance.


    This sensor can be used to detect and measure relative changes in the force applied. It can be used to detect contact or touch and activate a trigger to control a different signal, cellphone or computer applications. When properly calibrated can measure force quantitatively.


    The sensor allows real time angle variation analysis in a two dimensional space during the activity of the user. A possible application is for postural evaluation during normal daily activities or work practice. In physical theraphy it can be used to measure the range of motion and assess accurately the progress through time.

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    Target Groups: Developers Professional
    Applications: Biofeedback Research Health
    Product features: EEG Sensor ECG Sensor EMG Sensor Multichannel sensor GSR/EDA Sensor
    Product weight: 1,90 Kg

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