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Body composition analyzers

Here you will find a selection of high-quality body analysis devices - from entry-level to professional models. More Info

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For problem areas - More body awareness and improved fitness with body analyzer

„Be good to your body so that your soul may desire to well in it,“ 
~Theresa of Avila

Our body is an essential component for our overall well-being and our physical and mental health. 
But it is quickly neglected and little by little unwanted problem areas build up. In order to counteract this, it is important to uncover the causes of the whole – not serving behavioral habits.
But sometimes it is not so easy to recognize the own, not serving, behavioral habits and to change them into new beneficial behavioral Habits.

Body analysis devices support you on this path and help you to achieve better body awareness. Through regular measurements over time and subsequent fitness and health analyses, you gradually learn to understand your own body. This makes it possible to easily formulate fitness and health goals and track their achievement. 
Staying fit and in shape is easier to achieve with modern body composition analyzers. In the following we present the advantages, the way of functioning, the way of application of such devices and help to find out which device is the most suitable for one's own needs.  

Why should I use a body composition analyzer?

A brief  overview of advantages of using a body analyzer:

  • They assist in achieving fitness and health goals
  • Precise weight control always in view
  • Provides a comprehensive overview of personal body composition
  • Documents developments over time
  • Results can be shared and discussed with trainer, coach or doctor

How does a body analyzer work?

A body analyzer t uses different sensors, which are able to measure and evaluate different body compositions. 

There are different types of body analysis devices. For example, there are body analysis devices that are worn on the wrist in the form of a wristband. Some of the sensors attached to the wristband have different functions. For example, there is already a watch that is able to use artificial intelligence to record and evaluate the calories you have consumed and the calories you have already burned. The good thing about such bracelets and watches is that they can be worn comfortably around the clock, so that an intensive 360-degree tracking takes place, can for accurate body-analysis. 

Another classic body analysis device is a body fat scale. It uses sensors to measure their body fat percentage.  

Basically, it should be noted that a distinction must be made between simple and advanced body analyzers. Simple body composition analyzers take a measurement and a direct result display can be read on the respective device.

Advanced body analyzers additionally use an app, where all measurements are recorded, so that also a time course – a development can be observed in a convenient way.

How do I use a body analyzer?

The use of all body analyzers is simple. With a wristband, wearing and turning on the device provides a continuous measurement.

With smart scales, the application is even simple. Turn on the scale and get on the device. A measurement will take place without delay.

On advanced models, the user still has the option to view the measurement results on an associated app. These are displayed in chronological order, which makes developments visible. Goals and their degree of achievement can also be monitored there. Another benefit of the advanced model is that the results can be shared and discussed with the trainer, coach or doctor at the same time.

Which body composition analyzer do I need?

The under the point „How does a body analyzer work", different analyses were presented. Based on this, we differentiate into the following categories:

Location of sensors:

  • On the wristband, e.g. on a watch (good for continuous measurements
  • On a scale

Intensity of use:

  • Simple use – beginners
  • Intensive use – advanced (incl. evaluation & analysis app)
  • Professional use – for doctors, clinics, sports clubs, physiologists

Type of measurements:

  • Weight control
  • Body fat and muscle composition
  • Calorie consumption
  • Heart rate, respiratory rate,…

The following body composition analyzers are recommended:

  • Omron HN286 – Digital Personal Scale 
    • Location of sensors: on a scale
    • Intensity of use: easy to use – for beginners
    • Type of measurements: Measures body weight, accurate measurements

  • Healbe GoBe3 – Calorietracker and fitness tracker wristwatch.
    • Sensor location: Wristband
    • Intensity of use: For advanced
    • Type of measurements: Measures calorie intake, calories burned, energy balance, water balance, stress level with emotions, sleep quality, heart rate, steps and distance
    • With app for continuous fitness and calorie measurements

  • Omron Viva – Smart body fat scale.
    • Location of sensors: on a scale
    • Intensity of use: For advanced & professional use
    • Type of measurements: Measures visceral adipose tissue, fat, skeletal muscle, basal metabolic rate, BMI and weight
    • Connectable to other Omron meters
    • with app for intensive analysis and accurate target tracking.

  • A&D integrated digital scale– body scale.
    • Location of sensors: on a scale
    • Intensity of use: For advanced & professional use
    • For multiple users
    • Type of measurements: Measures accurate body weight
    • With app for intensive analysis and accurate target tracking
    • Connectable with additional A&D meters

  • QardioBase 2 – Body fat scale
    • Location of sensors: on a scale
    • Intensity of use: For advanced & professional use
    • For multiple users
    • Type of measurements: Measures BMI, body fat, muscle mass
    • With app for intensive analysis and accurate goal tracking
    • Connectable with additional Qardio products


Use body composition analysis technology for better body awareness and to achieve your personal fitness and health goals. The body analysis devices in MindTecStore, are tested by us and found to be good. MindTecStore - the health online store – technologies for more physical and mental health. 

  • A body analyzer helps to better body awareness
  • It helps the achievement of fitness and body Goals
  • It is easy
  • to use.
  • Problem areas can be reduced
  • MindTecStore offers selected body analysis devices that are clinically tested and aligned with the different needs of the user:
    • Simple models for quick start
    • Advanced model incl. app for intensive use
    • Professional models for doctors, clinics, clubs, physiotherapists