Emotiv Insight 5 Channel EEG Headset - Improve your well-being
Emotional Mental training. The Emotiv Insight is the performance leader designed for Brain Computer Interface (BCI): A mobile EEG headset with five channels, so you can train and get to know your brain even better in no time. Increase your well-being and stay focused with Emotiv. Incl. free training software.
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You can also have your emotions and those of your clients displayed for neurofeedback training by clicking on "Add to basket".

Performance Metrics

  • Write down your brain activity during your daily life
  • Measure six important cognitive metrics
  • Explore the activity patterns of your brain in real time
  • Compare your results over time and with others
  • Gestured By Science

Performance metrics from EMOTIV have been developed and tested using rigorous scientific methods.

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  • NEW: New 3-tine rubber sensor for Pz
  • NEW: New motion sensor
  • NEW: Free travel and USB receiver protections
  • NEW: Transparent board cover to see on light better
  • NEW: Neoprene carrying case

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motion sensors

  • IMU part: ICM-20948
  • Accelerometer: 3-axis +/- 8 g
  • Gyroscope: 3 axes +/- 2000 dps
  • Magnetometer: 3-axis + / 112 Gauss
  • Sampling rate: 64 Hz
  • Resolution: 16 bits

Supported Platforms

  • Windows: 7,8,10; 8 GB RAM; 500 MB of available space
  • MAC OS X; 8 GB RAM; 500 MB of available space
  • iOS: 9 or higher; iPhone 5+, iPod Touch 6, iPad 3+, iPad mini
  • Android: 4.43+ (without 5.0); Bluetooth Low Energy device


  • Battery: Internal Lithium Polymer Battery 480mAh
  • Battery life: up to 8 hours with USB receiver, up to 4 hours with Bluetooth Low Energy

Detections **

  • Mental commands: Neutral + up to 4 trained items per training profile
  • Performance Metrics: Excitement, Commitment, Relaxation, Interest, Stress, Focus
  • Facial expressions: blinking, blinking L / R, surprise, frowning, smiling, bunching up

**Licensed access. Raw EEG also available

Emotiv Insight has been awarded the Edison Award

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Our brain-computer interface flagship software designed for Insight and EPOC + headsets, available for free on Mac and Windows

Brain Control

With EMOTIV you can control machines with your mind. Throws events through thoughts with our detection of mental commands. Optimize applications in real time to respond to your cognitive status with our performance metrics.


With EmotivBCI, you can train multiple mental commands and view your real-time performance metrics. You can also view the facial expression and motion sensor data streams from your headset to enhance your BCI application.

Training Profiles

Training feedback leads you to creating strong profiles and unlimited profiles allow you to try out different strategies or create profiles for different applications. Test your profiles by moving a cube with your mind or controlling the expressions of an avatar in the app.

Free Software

You can order the EmotivBCI software for free in our shop
Here you find the Link for the software.

{tab FAQ}

  1. Place the thumb of one of your hands BOTH sensors on the reference arm. The reference arm is the black, flexible extension that comes from the lower left side of the Insight. Make sure the thumb has strong contact with both sensors, otherwise the test will not work.
  2. Hold down both reference sensors and gently squeeze them together. With the other hand, gently press one of the other sensors so that your thumb has strong contact with the sensor field.
  3. Turn on the headset and start the signal acquisition by waiting 5 to 10 seconds.
  4. On the contact quality card, the corresponding channel of the sensor being pressed should change from black to red or yellow and then green. The channel should stabilize and remain green as long as you continue to press the sensor.
  5. If necessary, repeat steps 3 through 6 for each sensor to test the full functionality of all channels.

* The thumb bridge test can be used for the T7 sensor / channel (the one touching the left temple). This sensor can not really be compressed. Instead, simply place your thumb on the sensor with light pressure. The corresponding channel should turn green as described above.

** If a particular channel / sensor is problematic and the thumb bridge test does not display a green color, remove the problematic sensor tip and replace it with another functional one. Perform the test as described above. If the channel works after the sensor tip has been replaced, the problem is not with the headset itself, but especially with this sensor tip. However, if you still see black after replacing the sensor and channel on the contact grade card, the problem is with the headset itself, not the sensors.

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