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QardioMD mobile ECG parameters monitoring bundle with QardioCore
Now available for every doctor office, clinic or nursing home. The Qardio MD remote patient monitoring bundle for mobile ECG monitoring, as well as early detection of heart diseases and infections including COVID-19. Always track the heat health of your patients, whereever they are, and enjoy the user friendly all-in-one dashboard from Qardio for your clinic. Measure all important vital parameters with the help of QardioCore, including EKG, heart rate, heart rate variability, to detect symptoms of cardiac arrhythmias and further heart deseases. Now with a 12 month license per device / user account + QardioCore

€ 1.099,00

including 19% VAT , free shipping

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{tab Product description}


Portable ECG monitor for remote patient monitoring and early detection of infections including COVID-19 as a combined solution of hardware and software

Qardio has provided a new remote infection identification solution, including COVID-19, which is now available in the UK, EU and Canada. Consists of one device and a 12 month license per patient and device.

This AI-based solution captures the vital signs reported by QardioCore , our ambulatory ECG solution. In addition to the ECG, QardioCore continuously (not temporarily) tracks respiratory rate and temperature.

A composite assessment of changes in these key values can be an early indicator of infection. The algorithm can detect pre-symptomatic infections to allow early intervention before secondary infections develop. This means that some of the patients at highest risk - patients with heart disease or other chronic conditions - can stay at home with continuous care.

Our team is ready to support healthcare providers in accelerated deployments - to protect patients and healthcare providers alike.

Quardio works with OBS Medical's Visensia Index, a technology that identifies patients at risk of significant deterioration before most doctors and nurses can do so and is already used in the US and EU. A patient's risk index is automatically generated from only three vital signs and is customized for each individual by taking into account underlying conditions such as arrhythmias.

The special features of Qardio MD

remote patient monitoring and early detection of infections including COVID-19.

People with underlying health problems can now have their vital functions remotely monitored by QardioMD + VSI, so that any deterioration in their condition can be detected early on. Our clinicians at Qardio's remote monitoring center access the Visensia Index and examine patients before they become critically ill.

Patients stay at home while they are monitored remotely. This increases the capacity in the system and reduces the possible spread of infection. They also benefit from three derivatives of continuous ECG data provided by the QardioCore device, which remotely and in real time alert doctors to arrhythmias.


{tab Function}

Award-winning Design

QardioCore is cleverly designed and tested to provide comfort and convenience for everyday use. It is the winner of CES 2015 Innovation Award in two categories as well as the recipient of the prestigious 2015 Red Dot Award for Product Design.

Clinically validated

QardioCore wireless ECG monitor has been clinically validated to accurately record and analyze user's overall heart performance in real time so doctors and healthcare providers can access medically accurate live data remotely.

Powerful data sharing

QardioCore offers a modern way to track patients' heart health, giving doctors and healthcare providers a powerful tool for better health monitoring and preventative care. With realtime data sharing and analysis, QardioCore offers a new way of chronic condition and sports performance management.

{tab Features}

Biometric data measured

  • Skin Temperature
  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Respiratory Rate

More Features

  • Chest Size: 70-109 cm (27.5-43 in) Not suitable for pectus excavatum (sunken chest)
  • Water restistant: QardioCore is splash and water resistant, rated IP65
  • Dimensions: 185 x 87 x 9 mm (7.3 x 3.4 x 0.4 in)
  • Weight: 130 g (0.29 lbs) including batteries
  • Power source: Lithium-ion polymer battery. Continual working time up to a day without charging.
  • ECG Channel: Single channel
  • A/D Sampling rate: 600 samples per second
  • Sampling resolution: 16 Bit
  • Recording method: Kontinuierlich
  • Requires: Bluetooth 4.0, iOS-devices
  • Compatible with: Apple iOS 9.0 or later
  • Package contents: QardioCore device, Three chest straps, Charging Cable, Quick Guide, User Manual

{tab FAQ}

How can I use this additional power of the Qardio MD?

After you, as an end user, have purchased the hardware QardioCore, Qardio provides you with a corresponding platform in German language, you have to register on the platform, whereby the measurements are carried out customer-specifically. Qardia monitors these data and reports back.

If you are encouraged by your doctor or a hospital to use a Qardia Core, the hardware is purchased by the hospital, which also registers the patient on the platform. The measurements are carried out permanently and accompanied by a doctor. The data goes to the Qardia platform and is returned to the doctor/patient within an individually defined time period.

Qardio Core - Troubleshooting

To ensure that your Quardio Core functions properly, please observe the following instructions:

  • QardioCore is not suitable for chests size under 70cm and this could be a reason why the device cannot read data properly.
  • If a person has a concave chest or female we suggest wearing QardioCore upside down and below the sternum.
  • To enable upside-down mode please open the Qardio app and go to setting.
  • QardioCore is not suitable for running or any other activity that can cause the movement of the device.
  • If there are any other problems with the data please check the QardioCore firmware version on the Qardio app - setting. The latest version is 1.35. If it is not up to date, please update it.
  • Before the update, please make sure that the app is up to date too. Last week wee released iOS app version 1.88 (03/2020).

In our download area you will find further documents for the handling of the device with iPhones.


Target Groups: Therapist Professional Medical Practices Physicians Hospital usages
Applications: Biofeedback Fitness Health Telehealth
Product features: ECG Sensor Multichannel sensor HRV Sensor
Shipping weight:1,00 Kg
Product weight: 1,00 Kg












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