BioBeat BB-613 Sensor - Sensor for Monitoring vital functions
BB-613 patch sensor. The Biobeat monitoring platform measures vital signs in real time using wireless, non-invasive medical technology. Constant measurement of vital functions such as blood presure, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, heart rate variability, stroke volume, cardiac output, cardiac index, pulse presure, systemic vascular resiostance, one lead ecg (patch only) mean arterial pressure, sweat level, skin temperature. Get into smart-monitoring with this sensor for single-use adhesive patches.

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The web platform of Biobeat

  • Accessible from any web platform
  • Intelligent warning system
  • Adjustable threshold values for each vital parameter and each patient
  • instrument panel
  • View and manage your entire department from one screen
  • Display graphs and historical data for each vital sign and patient

Biobeat Portable Wrist Watch and Patch are CE marked (Medical Device) for non-invasive, cuff-less monitoring of blood pressure, cardiac output, stroke volume, heart rate and saturation Data can be completely de-identified to respect privacy regulations.

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Medical sleep laboratory

  • tracking and monitoring of sleep parameters and vital signs to create a medical sleep report
  • Patient sleeps comfortably in his own bed and creates an authentic sleep report Each patient receives his or her own patch, thus avoiding waiting times and unpleasant experiences with a used device
  • The patch is easy to apply and is activated immediately when connected to the Biobeat app.
  • The patch is simply thrown away at the end of the monitoring period.
  • A report is automatically generated and sent to the healthcare provider via the Biobeat cloud
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