Halo Sport Headphones - with neuropriming to success
Excessive increase in performance already after a few days with Neuropriming. Safe stimulation of the brain with the most effective scientific methods. Now including FREE Bluetooth adapter for listening to music and making phone calls..

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Why do I wear Halo Sport for 20 minutes? How long do the effects last?

It takes time for your neurons to respond to the Neuropriming field. Twenty minutes is the optimal duration for your neurons to begin firing more easily and more together. This primed state will last approximately one hour, after which your neurons will return to their everyday, non-primed state. The benefits from your training, however, will last indefinitely ? or at least as long as any other training gains.


  • Motor skill acquisition
  • Strength and power development
  • Endurance development
  • Return to play

Halo Sport is safe

Academic Research

Halo Sport builds on decades of academic research surrounding tDCS, TES, and other types of non-invasive brain stimulation. Over two thousand peer-reviewed papers speak to the efficacy, reliability, and safety of Halo Sport.

In-House Research

Thousands of hours of double-blind studies with more than 1,200 people have proven the efficacy, reliability, and safety of Halo Sport.

Medical Grade Engineering

Halo Sport is built with medical-grade engineering, including a quality system based on the ISO 13485 standard and safety and human factors engineering based on ISO 14971.

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1. Take advantage of the hyperplasticity period.

Using Halo Sport is all about timing. A training session with Halo consists of 20 minutes of Neuropriming, followed by about 60 minutes of hyperplasticity or "hyperlearning": The brain best responds to athletic training during the hyperplasticity period following the Neuropriming session. Halo Sport's benefits are at their maximum when those 60 minutes begin, and the benefits taper off over the course of the 60-minute period. So as soon as you remove the headset, you'll want to be ready to dive right into your training.

2. Turn up the amplitude.

If it's comfortable for you, try turning up the amplitude to level 8, 9 or 10. If you find the higher settings to be too intense, getting really good contact with your head can help to reduce the sensation of the stimulation.

3. Focus on repetitive training for the skills you're trying to improve.

We've seen that Halo Sport training results are best when the training period is paired with intense, repetitive movements for the specific skill you are trying to improve. It's also important to focus on proper form, because muscle memory is developed more quickly with Halo Sport.

4. If possible, track your results.

Methods for tracking progress will be different for different activities. For example:

  • For weightlifting, you might make note of your weight max / rep max each day.
  • For a musical instrument, you could note how easily/quickly you're able to do scales or learn a new song.
  • For endurance sports, you can keep track of improvements in speed and energy levels.

It's also important to choose the correct session type for your specific activity.

Which Neuropriming session should I choose?

Your motor cortex is responsible for all muscle control and movement within your body. Different parts of your motor cortex are responsible for different muscle groups. Each one of our Neuropriming Sessions is designed for a specific part of your motor cortex depending on what muscle group you want to train. Choose the Legs, Core & Arms when you are working on larger muscle groups like squats, running, dancing or martial arts. (This session requires all 3 Primers). Choose the Hands & Fingers Session when you are working on fine motor skills like dribbling a basketball, working on your tennis grip, or playing an instrument. (this session type requires 2 Primers, one in each side pocket). For the Hands & Fingers Sessions, each session has a positive effect on both hands, but a greater effect on the targeted hand. What we recommend is choosing the Session for the hand you want to emphasize (i.e. left hand to practice hand placement on a guitar neck or right hand to practice finger-picking). Some of our users will switch between the two (i.e. 2 days on one hand, 2 on the other).

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In the box:

  • Halo Sport headset
  • Set of primers (3)
  • Recharge pack
  • Quick dry case
  • Open earpads
  • Closed earpads
  • Micro-USB cable - compatible with any USB charger i.e. 220B
  • USB Charger - US outlet
  • Audio cord - required for music, not for Neuropriming


  • Required: Compatible mobile device (iOS / Android)
  • Product Weight: 340 g
  • Product Fit: Fits all head sizes, adjustable band
  • Medical Grade Engineering: Quality system based on the ISO 13485 standard & safety and human factors engineering based on ISO 14971 standard

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Target Groups: Beginner Athletes Advanced Users
Applications: Biofeedback Fitness Gift Pro Sports Peak Performance
Misc: Bestseller
Product Type: Headset Wearable
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Product weight: 2,50 Kg

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