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Analyzes website usage to deliver custom content. Performs analytics to optimize website functionality..

Analyzes website usage to deliver custom content. Performs analytics to optimize website functionality.

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Neurofeedback Information

Neurofeedback is a technological aid, that allows almost everybody to specifically control his or her brain’s activity. Decade-long intensive research and use, mainly in the US, has proven it’s effectiveness. This has been confirmed by numerous studies by German universities.

Generally, the electrical activity of the brain is separated into various wave bands of different functionality and frequency. Depending on what the situation is, the frequency bands will show clear distinctions.

This results in individual characteristics of the brain’s activity: Sitting in your living room and relaxing will result in very different brainwave patterns compared to those that would show in your EEG (electroencephalogram) during a complex and stressful exam. Neurofeedback divides the brain’s electrical activity into frequency bands and displays the share of every band of the real-time EEG. The purpose of neurofeedback is to allow the user to increase the share of those frequency bands that are associated with better cognitive performance and to decrease those frequency bands that are associated with reduced activity of the brain.

During a series of training sessions you will learn that a desired change in brainwave patterns results in positive reenforcement (as in operational conditioning).

For example, if you are successful in intensifying your beta activity (mental activity). A feedback symbol on screen will move to a predefined position (“hit”).

Neurofeedback Infographik Brainwaves Measurement

What is special about neurofeedback is that you use an individual strategy to influence your EEG frequencies. Neurofeedback together with exercises forms a non-medicinal therapy to retain and improve your cognitive functions.

Through neurofeedback you will learn how to influence your „brain power“ by yourself and thus play an active part during therapy and training – in contrast to a passive role that relies solely on medication.

This active participation as well as the constant feedback from your brain will also result in a strong feeling of control. Confidence in your own performance and abilities will increase and moderate the genuine effect of neurofeedback positively.

Here you can find some more Information about Neurofeedback.